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My best Harmor Preset Pack So Far [FL Studio 2021]

Funny enough, this pack was meant to be a premium soundbank with a price tag of 15$, but 1 hour before writing this post, I decided to give it away for free, don't ask me why, I am just following my instincts.

I guess it's because I wanted producers to learn about the beautiful side of harmor where it can creates the most mesmerizing bells, keys, plucks, and pads; While at the same time, can sound totally different while creating heavy bass and leads.

My primary field of expertise is sound design for Games and Films. Last year during the lockdown I was working on a big sound design project for a game company, one of the series of sounds I had to design/record was Metals, both real and rare. As I couldn't go outside, the area of field recording was on a complete halt. At that time, Harmor came to the rescue, literally saving at least 2000 bucks and Hours of work on recording(Harmor can generate inharmonic frequencies like a charm).

I am hoping the same with this pack; that by analyzing the sounds I designed for Harmor, people will learn about sound design, additive subtractive synthesis, and sound design using this plugin in-depth.

The download is direct as always, You can use it with FL Studio 12, 20, and 20.8, for both Windows and Mac.

You will find some really cool Lead, Arp, Pad, Pluck, Key, Bell, FX, Bass, and Drum Samples.

The pack is ideal for Trap, Chill Out, Ambient, Lo-fi, Future Bass, Hip Hop, Dubstep, and other EDM genres.

If you have any questions about harmor or this pack, just drop them in the comments.

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Best Harmor Presets
Download ZIP • 5.20MB