Top 10 FL Studio 20 Tips and Tricks 2021 - Music Production Tutorials

In this post, I will share with you my favorite FL Studio Tips and Tricks that will help you in stepping up your music production game.

You will learn

1. Controlling Parameter with the mouse position.

2. Getting Unlimited Presets in FL Studio Ogun.

3. How to Get Thousands of free presets for Sytrus?

4. Using Precomputed Effects in the sampler and reducing CPU Use.

5. Using FPC as Sample Rack.

6. Getting Perfect Compression in FPC using volume curve.

7. Dynamic Stutter and pitch shift effects.

8. Changing any sound into an ambient sample.

9. Smart Disable plugin in FL Studio to improve CPU use.

Loading external Waveshapes in GMS.

1 . Controlling Parameter with the Mouse Position in FL Studio using Fruity Formula controller.

You can control any parameter in FL Studio or vst by the position of your mouse cursor, this method gives a wide range of movement, humanized automation, and of course outstanding results.

To do this you have to

1. Load Fruity Formula Controller.

Fruity Formula Controller Tutorial
Fruity Formula Controller

2. Write The Formula "MouseX()" in the Formula Tab and Hit Compile, which will give you an envelope that changes according to the position of the cursor in X(Horizontal) Direction. Do the same thing for Verticle direction in another Formula controller. i.e. Use the formula "MouseY()" and hit compile. That will change the envelope according to mouse position in verticle direction.

FL Studio Fruity Formula Controller gif
Fruity Formula Controller

3. Choose any 2 parameters that you wanna assign to the formula controller, right-click and choose "Link to Controller". That should open a dialogue box in which you can set the assign the parameter to Formula controller Output. And that's it, now you can control that specific parameter using the mouse position on the screen.

FL Studio Linking perameter
FL Studio Effector, linking parameter

Perameter link
Linking Parameter 2
Controlling Parameters with mouse Position in FL Studio
Controlling Parameters with mouse Position

2. Getting Unlimited Presets in FL Studio Ogun.

You can get unlimited(Almost) presets in FL Studio Ogun. Ogun is an additive synth that directly generates the timbre(It can actually generate more than 32,000 Harmonics!!!!! 😮😮 Talk about the absolute beast. But anyway, this plugin can generate some amazing metallic sounds. Ideal for Hip-Hop and Lo-fi producers.

You just have to hit the button on the Top Right Corner of the plugin and it will generate a fresh new preset for you. In the beginning, most sounds have harmonic rich sounds, like way too much. So you may have to use some basic sound design to get a decent sound.

How to get Unlimited Free presets for fl studio?
Ogun Generate Random Presets

3 How to Get Thousands of free presets for Sytrus?

Sytrus as you all know is an FM(Frequency Modulation) synth plugin. But a lot of producers don't know the fact that Sytrus actually supports Yamaha DX7 presets. If you don't know What Yamaha DX7 is; WELCOME TO EARTH. 😉

Designed and manufactured by Yamaha Corporation in the late 19th century, this is the most successful and most sold synthesizer in history. And thanks to that it has a great collection of sounds online.

You can find a large collection of amazing DX7 banks here.

Now just go to the Menu in Sytrus, Choose "Import Sysex File" and you can enjoy the best sounds designed by the best sound designers out there.

Free FL Studio sytrus presets, importing DX7 FM bank
Sytrus - importing DX7 pRESETS

4 . Using Precomputed Effects in the sampler and reducing CPU Use.

You can change the property of your samples in the FL Studio sampler by using the precomputed effects.

FL Studio Sampler Tutorial, Tips and tricks
Precomputed Effects

Allow me to explain these effects real quick...

  1. Boost - Increases the amplitude of the sample, the extra clip function cuts the samples above 0dB. Use it to get overdrive samples(e.g. - Trap Kick)

  2. EQ - Changes the tonal Balance of the sound, makes it fat or thin.

  3. RM Freq and RM Mix - The Ring Modulation/Sin wave modulation, introduces some metallic texture to your sounds by changing the sample amplitude.

  4. Cut and Res - Filter Cut off and Resonance performs basic Low Pass Filtering.

  5. Reverb - Two types of reverb there. A is a Small space verb, ideal for the piano room, hi-hats, drums, etc. B is a larger space ideal for Large Hall/Venue Reverb. Set these by listening.

  6. Stereo Delay - Introduces a little delay between the left and right channels, giving a wider stereo image. Use it on Hi-hats and short samples and thank me later.

  7. POGO - Pitch Band to the sample.

5. Using FPC as Sample Rack.

FPC is an emulation of the FPC drum pad(Hardware). It has 2 banks each containing 16 pads. You can use these pads as a sample rack. Benefits?

  1. Samples react to velocity.

  2. Inbuilt panning and volume envelope, tuning, and repitch.

  3. Clean and Organised Project.

  4. Option to send each channel to the mixer channel.

  5. Using multiple samples in the same pad.

6. Getting Perfect Compression in FPC using volume curve.

We are back; sorry, still on the FPC. 😊 Well, the plugin is too good, it's nothing I can do about it.

You can use the inbuilt Volume envelops to compress your drum samples. Compression is basically dynamic volume automation and FPC triggers the volume envelope every time the sample is played, thus giving us an option to compress the drums.

  1. Go to Volume envelope

  2. Choose the preset from the drop-down menu, Compression Hard, soft or Medium.

  3. Change the compression as per your needs.