TOP 10 Free Generator VST Plugins[2021 Updated List][Best Audio Synths]

Updated: Apr 2

This list is based on the type, efficiency, and sound design capabilities of the sound engine.

  1. Eclipsis -

The First Plugin on our list is Eclipsis by VST Zone. When it comes to creating Texture and Unpredicted sounds, Eclipsis makes pro plugins run for their money.

This plugin has 3 Hybrid Wavetable oscillators each with its own frequency and subtractive modulation. 6 lfos, 32 voices,118 wavetables which can be downsampled further to create 1888 possible configurations for wavetables. It has a dedicated sequencer as well. It's available for Windows 32 bit system.

2 - Nightlife By Acoustica

Remember the function of drawing any waveshape and creating crazy vowel bass? The nightlife is one of the first plugins to come up with this feature. With its Additive sound engine, Vowel Morph pad, dedicated dual filters, sequencer, FM, RM, and easy modulation function, it is one of the favorite plugins of EDM Producers.

Try the FX of this plugin, its output will surprise you.

3. FMMF -

Ever since Yamaha Corporation created DX7 in 1983, the first successful digital synthesizer, it has been used in countless records and is still in use across the industry.FMMF is a software emulation of FM. What makes it different is its easy interface and low CPU consumption. Soundwise, it has a spectacular organic timbre with the beauty of FM.

This plugin can be really helpful in creating atmospheric pads.

4 - LABS By Spitfire

Labs is a Sample-based instrument series by Spitfire. It has some of the best organic sounds that you can make right away in your professional projects. However, it demands high CPU space for Some DAW. But soundwise it is a totally outstanding synth.

5 - KOMPLETE START by Native Instruments

Now, this is my personal favorite collection of free synth and not just synth, you get the Kontakt player.

Komplete Start has a total of 16 pro-grade synths and sampled instruments(6 synths, 9 sampled instruments) plus effects, loops, and samples. In total there are around 2000 playable instruments. This is a must-have collection of free tools.

7 - StringZ2 by Krakli

Who doesn't want nice resonating strings and pads. StringZ2 is an amazing synth that can generate organic pad ensemble sounds as well as the PM sounds. The stock presets are good enough reason to try this synth. You can control the micro tune like never before and add dark and beautiful bowed ensembles in your projects.

8 - Studio Instruments by Bandlab

This is an indirect capture of an awesome plugin series. If you are looking for real organic strings, piano, drum kits, and other instruments, this is your place.

To get your hands on these plugins you have to install Cakewalk, after that you can easily use the studio strings, Piano, Bass, and Drums.

9 - DSK ChoirZ

I am a big fan of the entire DSK Series but DSK Choirz takes it to a whole other level. It has 3 sample layers, 3 Filters, 3 Advanced Filters, 3 LFO routing to Cut, Pan, Level, and Pitch which enables you to create smooth morphs. What's more amazing is that it responds to the velocity. Try it a convolution blur and you can get some heavenly choir sounds.

10 - VITAL

Think Serum, but Free and you have the vital. This wavetable beast is making quite a name for itself in the producer community, and for a fair reason.

Vital is a wavetable synth with abilities like wavetable generation, analog sound design, text to wavetable, and many more. Its only flaw is the heavy CPU consumption. But apart from that, it's a synth every sound designer dreams of. You can find free presets for the plugin on my youtube channel as well as the soundbank page.

This was all for my top 10 free plugin list, if you have any good suggestions, drop in the comments.

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