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147$ Worth of Samplepacks, Plugins, and FL Studio Template for Free; W.A. Production[Limited Time]

We love FL Studio, free Plugins, Sample Pack and soundbank.
We love FL Studio, free Plugins, Sample Pack and soundbank.

W.A. Production has just released an outstanding sample pack bundle for free. They are giving away 147$ worth of sounds, plugins, and DAW templates for free.

The pack is called 'We love FL Studio Bundle' and is made after collecting FL Studio users' feedback. But Nonetheless, the samples can be used in all types of genres.

Sample Pack Contents

What About Lo-fi Hip Hop Fantasy (20$)

This pack is loaded with loops, one-shots, MIDI sequences, and presets. Choose from melodic chords, sensual bass lines, entrancing hi-hat, and percussion patterns. We've also included a diverse selection of instrumentation such as jazzy lounge-style piano, clean and clear blues guitar riffs, sultry saxophones, and brilliantly captured old-school shakers, claps, snaps, scratches, and more.

What About EDM Vishnu(20$)

EDM Vishnu from W. A. Production is loaded with over 3GB of off-the-charts EDM sounds. Inspired by such artists as KSHMR, Dropgun, Timmy Trumpet, 22Bullets, Jetfire, and more to offer you the widest variety of amazing samples to add to your library.

Future House Mammoth(20)

This pack is pumped up with everything from excitable melodies, FX and atmospheric pads, chords, plucks, basslines, leads, percussive sounds, frequency-shaped kicks and snares, guitars, pianos, wubs, and more.

Robotic & Transformers FX(14$)

What About Robotic & Transformers FX contains more than 300 mind-bending sounds that will feel at home in any major action flick. Thundering Impacts, squelching Mutations, metallic Mechanics, and transformative transition FX are just some of the many sounds you'll hear in this pack.

Vocal Splitter(29$)

Vocal Processing Plugin

FL Studio 20 Pro Tips(15$)

A Full Course filled with FL Studio Tips and Tricks.

Free FL Studio Templates and many more

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